As a way of engaging with customers, print can pack a powerful punch. At ICE PLUS, we have a huge respect for the power of this versatile medium – we’ve built a whole business around it. We’ve mastered a formula that delivers world-class print solutions for some of Europe’s premium brands, at highly competitive prices. Browse our case studies, here.

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Your brief + our expertise, contacts and experience = Our Value-Added Service.

The old way...

A customer with a print requirement will go to either a print management company or direct to a printer. Either way, it’s a convoluted process, incurring layer upon layer of mark-up and extra cost. As printers are rarely able to fulfil an entire job in-house, many elements are out-sourced and marked-up, only to be marked-up again if there’s a print management company involved. At ICE PLUS we believe there’s a better way...

Our way...

We take a different, more transparent approach to print management. Rather than looking for that elusive, one-stop-shop, we take the individual elements of a print job and find the best, specialist supplier. Whether it’s paper, printing, binding or premium finishing, we go to the source for each and every process, to maximise efficiencies and quality, passing on huge savings to our customers.

It's all in the detail.

We believe print is a craft not a commodity. And like any craft, quality comes with experience. ICE PLUS works with some of the masters of print – paper producers, printers, specialist finishers – all excelling in quality. Our relationships are built on mutual respect and years of industry experience, and we take pride in actively seeking out those who can bring their own specialisations into the mix. Plus, we’ll ensure a consistency of delivery that's unsurpassed, irrespective of whether artwork is sourced from your own teams or our sister creative agency, ICE. From start to finish, we believe the finer details make the difference.

Many claim it, we deliver it.

Over the years we have developed market-leading automation tools to allow provide our clients with the most streamlined print ordering service available. We manage all of the behind-the-scenes complexity; delivering value, every step of the way. We thrive under pressure, so you don’t have to. We have the ability to resolve issues efficiently and the flexibility to adapt to change. Our workflow management ensures high levels of customer satisfaction and the delivery of quality custom print solutions, on time and on budget.

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ICE Plus is part of the ICE Communication Ltd Group. Our sister creative agency, ICE, specialises in design, brand and cutting-edge digital technologies.

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